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Jumping onto Counters & Tables

Kittens are very curious animals. When something on a table looks interesting to them, they will want to go see what it is. These objects can include photo frames, candles, coasters, vases, or anything new to the kitten. For a kitten, all of these objects are possible play toys. Kittens like to jump up onto surfaces; this is part of their play drive, and an inherent instinct in kittens.

Most kittens enjoy keeping an eye on their territory from a high point in a room. One of the easiest ways to address this behaviour is to use a cat tree or climber that allows your kitten to find a vantage point higher than the countertop so she can be above her territory. Putting a little catnip on the tree will entice her to climb the tree to the highest vantage point. If higher than your countertops, she will develop a preference for the tree. Place the cat tree in a location where she can see inside and outside if possible.

Some ways you can interrupt the counter and table surfing behaviour are listed here:

  • Make a loud noise, such as a clap or a snap.
  • Use a spray water bottle. Spray the kitten when she jumps up. Make sure the kitten associates the spray with the act of jumping up and does not associate it with you. (Spray and then hide the bottle.)
  • Remove any items your kitten is intrigued with from countertops or tables.
  • Use heavier items that are not easily knocked over to decorate countertops.
  • Consider using something to put under the item so it sticks to the countertop.
  • Use a training device such as a Scraminal.®

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

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